15–31 August, 2015:

1st artist’s residency, Bassano del Grappa
and Borgo Valsugana

17–26 October 2015:

2nd artist’s residency, Rotterdam

24–30 January 2016:
3rd artist’s residency, Vienna

11 March 2016:

Presentation by Kristin de Groot on Dancing Museums as
part of The Relevance of Dance conference,  Amsterdam

13–20 March 2016:

4th artist’s residency, Vitry-sur-Seine/Paris

18 March 2016:

Public presentation by dance artists,
Department of Near Antiquities, Louvre

19 March 2016:

Panel Discussion “The collective body – what boundaries between spectator and creator?” Auditorium/Mac Val Museum

18 April 2016:

Presentation by Elisabetta Bisaro on Dancing Museums
as part of Be SpectACTive conference, Brussels

29 April 2016:

Presentation by Elisabetta Bisaro on Dancing Museums as part of
the international day of dance at the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid

5–15 May 2016:

5th artist’s residency, Vienna (and Burgenland)

12 May 2016:

Public Lecture with Diane Shooman phD, “Art and the Perceptive Body“, Aula Gemäldegalerie der Akadamie/ Vienna

12 May 2016:

Public Presentation by Dance & Video Artists 'Seeing with the
eyes in the Body' , Gemäldegalerie der Akadamie, Vienna

13 May 2016:

Gill Hart and Kate Coyne present Dancing Museums at Reactivate the Collection, the Contemporary Art Society Annual Conference, Museum of London

13–15 May 2016:

Video Exhibition of Dancing Museums Video Artists/ OHO Offenes Haus Oberwart, Burgenländische Tanztage

23 May 2016:

Kristin de Groot and Connor Schumacher present at Cross-Over Congress Podium 2016, Netherlands

23 May 2016:

Kristin de Groot presents at Congress Performance Art
on Dancing Museums, Nijmegen

9 June 2016:

Dancing Museums at Monumenta 2016, Paris

31 July 2016, Vienna:

with Liz King (AT/UK), Lucy Suggate (UK), Gill Hart (UK).

As part of 4th IDOCDE Symposium
“The Importance of Being [Un]Necessary”

21–26 August 2016:
6th artist’s residency, Bassano del Grappa

25 August 2016

11.30am, Museo Civico, Bassano del Grappa

The Impact of Dance for Parkinsons in Artistic Contexts


2.30pm and 5pm, Museo Civico, Bassano del Grappa

Performances by the Dancing Museums artists


11.30am, Museo Civico, Dance in Museums: Inspirations
for the practice of choreography and the education department of museums

11–18 September 2016, Lyon:

“Danse au musée” with Liz King, a workshop organised by Plateforme de la jeune création franco-allemande as part of this year’s Biennale de danse de Lyon

10 October 2016:

1pm–1.45pm, National Gallery, London

Lecturer Siân Weters examines the relationship
between painting and dance

5–14 November 2016:

7th artist’s residency, London

7 November 2016: 1pm–1.45pm, National Gallery, London

Siobhan Davies in conversation with
Caroline Campbell and Gill Hart


11 November 2016: 7–8.30pm, Siobhan Davies Studios, London

Talk with cognitive neuroscientist Guido Orgs
and social psychologist Daniel Richardson on brain mechanisms that are involved in movement


12–13 November 2016: between 12pm-2pm,

National Gallery, Rooms 30-34

Dancing Museums artists share ideas developed during
the residency in the gallery spaces.

8 December 2016:

Dance and the museum conference: Stretching the boundaries: Conversation with Kristin De Groot (Dansateliers, NL) and
Gill Hart (National Gallery, UK) about Dancing Museums

21-31 March 2017:

8th artist’s residency, Vitry-sue-Seine/Paris

25 March 2017:

FINAL CONFERENCE: Dancing Museums - dance and the public in movement


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