The Democracy of Beings is the second of two programmes, following an initial research phase (DM1) that ran from June 2015 to March 2017. You can find details of DM1 here.

In this period of accelerated change, there is an urgent need for professionalism, shared vocabulary and a coherent conceptual framework that makes sense of the many different approaches to audience engagement.

In Dancing Museums – The Democracy of Beings, individuals and arts organisations share, improve, develop and transfer skills and knowledge needed to broaden and deepen connections and relationships with audiences. 

The practice-led research group, composed of artists, dance organisations, museums and universities from seven countries, looks at how the presence of dance can offer new ways of experiencing art and heritage and help audiences and visitors engage both intellectually and viscerally with artworks. The knowledge and experience generated throughout the project will empower the organisations and artists involved with the skills needed to implement meaningful audience development projects beyond the duration of the project. 

These practices will be shared and documented in each location to build evidence and ensure consistency of data and anecdotal information. 

Coronavirus update:

The period of constant change we have recently been living through, where we are unable to meet in person, has made it necessary to explore new ways of working together, new ways to continue our collective research and new ways to make certain events public. We have decided to use this time as a phase of experimentation. Everyone involved in Dancing Museums is focusing on what and how we can build differently. It is a challenging and exciting task, an experiment that brings many opportunities to try new ideas that would never emerge in a normal situation.


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Aixxx..Com trobem a faltar passejar-nos més pels teatres, filmar més dansa…
Sort que tenim al quimbigas amb qui fem coses tant maques com aquesta 🤗

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A place for this

Just wrote something on the section of Artefacts of #dancingmuseums website around some one to one sessions I am working on.

Teaser by shasta_daisy_produccions

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quimbigas posa en relació la dansa i els espais de la fundaciomiro en el marc del #dancingmuseums

Bigas ha proposat a 8 ballarin@s que habitin els espais d’exhibició del museu mentre està tancat per estudiar com l'arquitectura afecta la seva dansa (en imatge: Dante Murillo).

El #MercatFlors participa com a estructura promotora d'aquest projecte europeu dissenyat per a fomentar i mantenir col·laboracions a llarg termini entre organitzacions de dansa, museus, universitats i comunitats locals per tal de desenvolupar programes artístics i culturals inspiradors i duradors.

Més informació a la notícia:

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This week I am alone in an empty and closed museum. Well, not quite. Protocol requires me to have a security staff member with me at all times. Something between a babysitter and a bodyguard. This is turning into quite a one-on-one performance, as they take turns watching me work, read, dance, sleep, think, sing. It makes me think a lot about the relationship between care and surveillance. What is monitored in order to keep something else safe? Who or what is protected?

#dancingmuseums dansateliers

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…com ens agrada un matí a la fundaciomiro amb el nostre estimat quimbigas ☺️

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Estrenant els 56, embolicada en l'actualitat que ens envolta.

Estrenando los 56, enredada en la actualidad que nos envuelve.

Foto tonigoinstant

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👣 RE-PLAY ▶︎⁠
En partenariat avec la Briquetterie.⁠

Explorez le projet Dancing Museums et contribuez à la fabrique de son journal de bord !⁠

En groupe vous crérez un carnet de bord autour du projet :⁠
• plusieurs rendez-vous de janvier à avril ⁠
• inventer son propre journal ⁠
• temps privilégiés avec des artistes de Dancing Museums⁠
Avec Masako Matsushita, Ana Pi et Ingrid Berger Myhre⁠

Le projet est en collaboration avec Marie Pons, autrice et chercheuse en danse, qui aidera et guidera les amateurs tout au long de Re-Play.⁠

💻 Sur Zoom (si l’évolution de la situation sanitaire le permet, en présentiel).⁠

Inscriptions relationspublics@alabriqueterie.com ⁠

Plus d'infos sur le site de la Briqueterie, cliquez sur le lien dans la bio puis sur la publication.⁠

⚠️ Date limite d’inscription le 20 janvier.⁠

A propos de « 𝗗𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗠𝘂𝘀𝗲𝘂𝗺𝘀 #𝟮 – 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗗𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗰𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘆 𝗼𝗳 𝗕𝗲𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 »⁠⚡️⁠Pour la deuxième fois, le MAC VAL participe à un événement international sur 4 années qui met à l’honneur la danse au musée. Cette édition (2018-2021) est intitulée « Dancing Museums #2 – The Democracy of Beings ». ⁠Il est piloté par la Briqueterie – CDCN du Val-de-Marne.⁠

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A place with cotton


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Fa una estona ha finalitzat la online live walk que ha connectat el #MercatFlors amb la fundaciomiro de la mà d' anapair Robinson i quimbigas en el marc del workshop #DancingMuseums 2 que es desenvolupa, del 3 al 6 de novembre, a través de diverses activitats virtuals.

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A place to move with the reflection of a painting in the dark. #dancingmuseums

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‘Here you are. You have arrived. You are now standing in the right spot. In fact, you are in the perfect spot. You might be near a window. Look through this window. You are looking at a small excerpt of the world.’

New episode of #ECHOLOT is on! Listen to choreographer #IngridBergerMyhre and art educator #GillHart discussing together with dramaturg #MonicaGillette on how presence of the body in museum is #AwakeningAwareness and changes experience of art. Pictured Ingrid Berger Myhre researching  how working choreographically in the museum context  stimulates the curiosity to embody situated ways of seeing. (Photo by Paul Sixta); this podcast / conversation is inspired by #DancingMuseums EU funded project led by led by La Briqueterie – National Choreographic Development Centre of Val-de-Marne in France. 

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Tune in via the link in bio or find ECHOLOT in the 🍎 podcast store.
Editing and Sound Design: Elena Zieser el_zione

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#echolot #newepisode #awakeningswareness #acziun #dancingmuseums tune in / go to Echolot at podcast store 🙂

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La setmana passada vam estar espiant/perseguint en Quim Bigas, la Carme Torrent i l'Ana Pair mentres ballaven a les entrades de la Fundació Miró i del Mercat de les Flors. ☺️

#dancingmuseums fora dels museus 👏👏

En breu anirem compartint les seves reflexions.

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