Which big or small gestures can make someone feel welcome in a space?

Can we ask ourselves what to do in order to make someone feel like a guest and not a stranger?

What do you see if you look around you?

And if you take some time to explore the different cardinal points around you, what do you see now?

Who do you see around you? And who is missing, who is not there?

Who are the ghosts?

And where are there from?

What is the temperature of where you are, of the room, of the ground?

What could we do to make the place a little or a lot warmer: a party, a warm-up, play a tune, have a coffee or a conversation?

What gestures do you want to keep?

What catches your eye?

How many body-parts does it take to measure the distance between your body and the something that caught your eye?

What if you were here now?

Whose are the eyes that gaze at art pieces inside museum spaces?

Whose are the bodies, who is taking space and who isn’t?

Who is being mobile / immobile? Who is being immobilized?

Which uniform are you wearing?

Who is entering the space, and under which conditions?

What would a museum where we could walk, talk, touch, teach, laugh, play look like?

What would a museum filled with people’s desires, stories and dreams be like?