1. What roots do you have in your city?
  2. What does your knowledge of a city say about how you navigate it?
  3. What are you not moving towards and why?
  4. How does the wind blow in your environment?
  5. What knowledge are your locals aware of?
  6. What unspoken agreements do we have in our immediate communities?
  7. How is your city shifting?
  8. How does my situated gaze condition the way I regard things?
  9. Which codes make my reading (of art) possible?
  10. What are the politics of my seeing?
  11. Every collection is a reduction, when something is chosen … something is not. How can I choose better?
  12. How does my positioning reflect my priorities?
  13. What are the ethics of my priorities
  14. Who decides what is sufficiently worthy to be seen in the museum?
  15. What place do the stories around us have in these institutions and how do we ensure that they have an impact outside of the building?
  16. Look at yourself, and your positionality within an institution and ask what you wanna give attention to… and how?
  17. Can we bring hidden stories to the mainstream?
  18. Are we the mainstream?
  19. How can we contribute to our democracy by showing stories that are hidden?
  20. How do we approach negative colonial history in present times?
  21. Do we need to teach all to read into that history?
  22. I’m curious about the word “public” in public storage. How do you imagine the role of the public and what kind of
  23. interface or relationship to the pubic storage do you imagine for them to have?
  24. Do you plan to have the “traditional” separation between stored and exhibited artworks and decimated spaces?
  25. I would be curious to know how you collect or build alternative and diverse narratives around topics like ‘ How do we remember cultures?’
  26. How do you communicate with someone who doesn’t want to communicate?