Dance artist Eleanor Sikorski took us on a virtual video guided tour through Nottingham. Walking in the streets, passing historical places, statues and monuments.
The film took us on a visit of historic Nottingham with a focus on The National Justice Museum, with Eleanor interviewing Andrea Hadley-Johnson, Artistic Programme Manager at The National Justice Museum. They talked about historical injustices, which still have a resonance today, the museum as an intimidating institution, trauma and actions.

Here are some words, questions and food for thought shared during the talks that followed the collective viewing of the film.

  • How relevant is the institution?
  • Can you be a Museum without walls, can you go out in the streets to share artists’ work differently?
  • There is a Museum of Homelessness, a community-driven social justice museum in London.
  • How can you be sure to have a positive impact on a situation and make change for the better?
  • How can we shake systems that are bigger than us and change systemic injustices?
  • Are our actions necessarily too small for change?
  • How to get people, and the different stories they have to tell, involved?
  • How to keep going?
  • What makes you keep going?