The workshop consisted of a roundtable on learning by doing in the arts and education, and a lecture.
Online walk by Anabella Parejas, Barcelona 4 November 2020
The workshop helped us to make a point and focus on both the following and final steps. Over the week there were reflections, internal and external, on the artists’ role in the project, on where involved organisations were, and on how art and education are shared. Part of its content, hosted by Mercat de les Flors and Fundació Miró, was public and made accessible via live streaming. You can watch it via the links below:
Roundtable ‘Role of the artist in the DM2 project’ by the DM2 artists
Roundtable ‘Arts, education and learning by doing’ We invited pedagogical DM2 museum and dancehouse experts to share their vision. The session was open to external guests and museums


Quim Bigas’s lecture ‘Moving in / out the museum’