Italian photographer and visual artist Sara Lando captures in words and images the first week of work in Italy in August 2019.

There’s something about reconnecting with the body that can be transforming, something that allows people to access tools they can use to understand the world around them in meaningful ways. I found out that spending enough time with dancers can actually open the door to more questions than answers. After a week spent between Venice, Val di Sella and Bassano, I found myself trying to make something coherent out of the enormous amount of notes hastily scribbled in my notebook.


Comune di Bassano del Grappa (IT) // Ana Pi (BR/FR) // Eleanor Sikorski (UK) // Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO/NL) // Masako Matsushita (IT) // Quim Bigas (ES/DK) // Tereza Ondrová (CZ) // Arte Sella Borgo Valsugana (IT) – Official Partner // Museo Civico Bassano del Grappa (IT) – Associate Partner //