Dancing Museums Glossary by Susanne Franco and Gaia Clotilde Chernetich. Edited by Ariadne Mikou.

Special thanks to Marisa C. Hayes.

The Dancing Museums Glossary was first presented to the entire group of the Dancing Museums 2 project and its invited guests in a performative way during a session called “Choreographing the Glossary”, which was scheduled on November 29, 2019, at La Briqueterie. The practice-based session put in relation dance gestures, scholarly texts and personal interpretations of the following key concepts that constitute the Dancing Museums Glossary: authorship/copyright, body archive, black box/white cube, community, kinesthesia/embodiment, ephemeral, material/immaterial, memory, participation, reenactment, site-specific, score. The workshop aimed to promote an experiential way of getting familiar with theoretical concepts through the body and to demonstrate how physical engagement helps to process and acquire knowledge.

A short excerpt from this session can be found here.