Chapters by: Gerald Siegmund, Ananya Jahanara Kabir, Susanne Franco, Jonas Tinius, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Gabriella Giannachi, Acacia Finbow.

Tasks by: Eleanor Sikorski, Ana Pi, Quim Bigas, Monica Gillette, Ingrid Bergen Myhre, Ariadne Mikou, Masako Matsushita.

This collection of essays investigates some of the theories and concepts related to the burgeoning presence of dance and performance in the museum. This surge has led to significant revisions of the role and functions that museums currently play in society. The authors provide key analyses on why and how museums are changing by looking into participatory practices and decolonisation processes, the shifting relationship with the visitor/spectator, the introduction of digital practices in collection making and museum curation, and the creation of increasingly complex documentation practices. The tasks designed by artists who are involved in the European project Dancing Museums. The Democracy of Beings (2018–21) respond to the essays by suggesting a series of body-mind practices that readers could perform between the various chapters to experience how theory may affect their bodies.

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Image credit: ©Sara Lando

Ana Pi (BR/FR) // Eleanor Sikorski (UK) // Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO/NL) // Masako Matsushita (IT) // Quim Bigas (ES/DK) //