As part of Tereza Ondrová’s residency in Prague. 

The teams of Tanec Praha and Prague City Gallery became active participants in Dancing Museums research. Tereza Ondrová prepared a series of workshops for them called Seeing by Moving.
“How to SEE and use your whole body to do it?
How to get inspired by the look of another?
How to SEE something through someone else’s eyes?
How to focus on detail or how to SEE a different way?
How to uncover the SEEING technique? How to SEE together? How to SEE and at the same time be seen?”

The first workshop took place on 14 January 2020 at the Prague Municipal Library, surrounded by the Bedřich Dlouhý exhibition: What I Like.

Video by Dominik Žižka

With the financial support of the Creative Europe programme, Prague City Hall and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


Tanec Praha (CZ) // Tereza Ondrová (CZ) // Prague City Gallery (CZ) – Associate Partner //