Ingvild Isaksen is a freelance choreographer and performer based in Oslo, Norway. She has a BA(Hons) in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music & Dance in London(2012) as well as an education in fine arts and design from the College of Oslo(2009). Ingvild works as an interdisciplinary performing artist mainly using movement, sound and text as tools for exploring our surroundings. Her work takes place in all kinds of spaces and invites the audience to actively collaborate with movement and imagination through tasks, scores and various forms of participation. Simultaneously being one of the four artists behind the festival Sånafest, performing in the interdisciplinary Theater F and working continuously in the choreographic duo A MasIng together with the Italian dance artist Masako Matsushita, with whom she collaborated during Dancing Museums too.

Ingvild Isaksen (NO) and Masako Matsushita (IT/JP) met in London while studying at TrinityLaban conservatory of Music and Dance. Since then they have been dancing in each others choreographies and kept a close collaboration through sharing ideas on composition, choreography, visual art, dance training, interactive installations and many more. They have also functioned as artistic directors and curators for the two festivals Hangartfest (IT) and Sånafest (NO), and they have joined forces as choreographers and performers to create works together as an artistic duo.