The programme of residencies features six dance artists-in-residence in six European cities:

1. Nottingham, UK
2. Bassano del Grappa, Italy
3. Vitry-sur-Seine, France
4. Rotterdam, Holland
5. Barcelona, Spain
6. Prague, Czech Republic

Each dance artist will work with an organisation for ten weeks. During this time the dance artist will immerse him/her-self in the daily life of the museum to research and develop new programmes of inclusion, in collaboration with the staff of the local museum and dance organisation. Through this continued relationship with the museum, the dance artists will gain knowledge on how the museum programmes and delivers work, and together they will collaborate on an artistic programme that is inclusive of local communities and expands perception of what dance can be in a museum.

The residencies will focus on experiencing, testing and practicing methodologies that will be shared at the seminars and workshops.