Three seminars will be organised throughout the project, one at the start, one halfway into the project and one at the end:

1. Why Place Dance In a Museum/Gallery?
Nottingham, UK. Friday 10 – Friday 16 May 2019
This five-day seminar sets the context and the basis for the common research and seeks to define collectively the key performance indicators (both quantitative and qualitative). Significantly, it also invites the choreographers and dancers who participated in the first iteration of Dancing Museums to share their workshop processes with the new choreographers and staff of the museums and dance organisations, to reflect on their learning process.

2. Seeing with the Eyes of the Body
Bonn, Germany. Tuesday 24 – Thursday 26 March 2020
This seminar showcases what has been achieved and learned up to the mid-point of the project and to re-assess and define the objectives of the final activities.

3. Shifting existing Paradigms
Rotterdam, Holland. Friday 2 July 2021
This seminar shares the outcomes of the project before being publicly presented at the final conference in Italy.