The programme will feature six international one-week workshops, each framed by a theme.

1. Participation.
Bassano del Grappa and Borgo Valsugana, Italy. Saturday 17 – Saturday 24 August 2019

2. How Can the Arts Word Towards Inclusion?
Vitry-sur-Seine/Paris, France. Monday 25 November – Sunday 1 December 2019

3. How Can We Embody the Art Work, the Art Space and How Does It Change Our Perception?
Prague, Czech Republic. Monday 15 – Sunday 21 June 2020

4. Art is for Whom? Buildings Represent What?
Barcelona, Spain. Sunday 1 – Monday 9 November 2020

5. Acts of Social and Political Change: New Voices.
Nottingham, UK. Monday 8 – Saturday 13 March 2021

6. A Paradigm Shift.
Rotterdam, Holland. Monday 24 – Sunday 30 May 2021

The international artists and mentor Betsy Gregory will join the local team – comprising the local artist and staff from the host dance organisation and museum – in each city. Together they will explore and share experience and present work with and for the public.

The international partners will attend the last few days of the workshops to take part in an evaluation of the workshop and a partners’ meeting.