Monica Gillette is a dance dramaturg and choreographer, with expertise in artist driven networks, participatory projects and transdisciplinary research.

Monica joined Dancing Museums – The Democracy of Beings as the pandemic began in 2020 to help facilitate multiple digital gatherings and identify the key themes emerging from the project, which eventually led to the design of the rooms in the virtual museum website.

She is also the project dramaturge for the Erasmus+ funded project Empowering Dance (2018-2023), and is part of the research team developing a digital handbook to support artists in identifying and articulating the development of soft skills in their community based dance projects. In 2021/22, Monica co-designed and facilitated digital labs for the EU funded project SHAPE IT, inviting early career dancemakers to consider how an existing performance can be reconsidered for an audience of young people.

Additionally, Monica has been collaborating with choreographer Yasmeen Godder since 2012, currently as dramaturge for the Practicing Empathy project, begun in 2019. In 2017, Monica and Yasmeen were awarded the Shimon Peres prize for their artistic leadership of the Störung/Hafra’ah project, which brought together people living with Parkinson’s Disease, professional dancers and scientists to collaboratively research movement. 

She was the editor of the digital publication for the EU funded project Migrant Bodies – Moving Borders (2018-19), identifying and developing inclusive practices for migrants and refugees through dance.