PCR Testen

–On PCR Testen —

PCR TESTEN. In Rotterdam, my love for cycling is empowered. Wheels slice through dutch streets, synths resemble smooth riding, and in comparison to London, riding looks like something people do out of joy. Cars hoot and holler in celebration of marriage (I think)… congrats. My destination appears on the left and a test begins.

(temporary) Home. The temptation of gossip is everpresent.  Media speculation, youtube ads add to this addiction. To think through other thoughts which sometimes but often don’t have lasting relevance to my life often feels like a waste of time, but for the culture, it might not be. If a paradigm shift is a change in assumptions, then my most fundamental questions reside around how I address and change the practice of collection, and how this affects the act of curation. A reprise of thematic ideas, In some ways, this layered sound score is my mind, eager to stay ‘on course’ but often conflicted, making music, for the sake of clarity, for the sake of resilience, to ease the tension in the mystery of moments. To think that our paradigms are stagnant is becoming a dated thought, yet to also think that the existing paradigms were ever stagnant feels reductive. Nuance, please.

Notes on Shifting existing paradigms