A unique venue devoted to art, culture and science.

Central to the programming are exhibitions of art of all periods, including contemporary art, as well as shows devoted to cultural history, archaeology, science and other areas of knowledge.

Further to these exhibitions, the Bundeskunsthalle develops and presents an independent performing arts programme with guest performances and in-house productions by different artists and ensembles from the world of theatre, performance, dance and music.

A forum for art and communication, international and cosmopolitan, the Bundeskunsthalle sets out to look not only at Western culture, but to take a global view. Equally important is the institution’s commitment to wider audience participation in culture and to comprehensive social and cross-cultural inclusion and integration. This commitment is reflected not only in the exhibitions themselves but also in the accompanying programme of events, which include discussions, lectures, talks, guided tours and workshops.

Through its many cooperative projects, the Bundeskunsthalle has established an international network of contacts with cultural and scientific institutions and gained access to wider audiences whose input and responses are valued as part of an ongoing dialogue. The exhibitions and events hosted by the Bundeskunsthalle are integral to the institution’s remit to act both nationally and internationally as a showcase for the open and inclusive concept of culture that is central to the identity of the Federal Republic of Germany.