The Museum is one of the oldest museums in the Veneto Region, founded in 1828 following the legacy of naturalist Giambattista Brocchi.

In 1840, it found its current location in the former convent of San Francesco.

It is possible to admire the archaeological sections (finds of paleoveneta, Magna Grecia, Roman and medieval), the picture gallery (paintings from the thirteenth to the twentieth century) and the cloister (lapidary stones, coats of arms, inscriptions, tombstones and architectural fragments from the thirteenth century).

The art gallery in particular has over five hundred paintings, among them the largest collection of works by Jacopo dal Ponte in the world and a rich documentation of his workshop. The Museum hosts a thousand drawings by Canova, the letters, the library, the sketches, numerous casts and a series of unique monochromes.