For over thirty years Kristin has worked in a variety of positions/roles within the dancefield.

Her journey through the field of dance, led her to being appointed director of Dansateliers in 2011. Collaboration, co-creation, reciprocity and shared responsibility are essential to her working practice – from a dramaturgical approach – and how she relates to the people she works with. 

For a decade, she was active as a dancer in the Netherlands and abroad, engaging in opportunities where she could share her artistic interests, mainly oriented towards innovative and transdisciplinary forms of dance. Next, she worked for fifteen years in several positions in the dance department of the ArtEZ Institute for the Arts. As Head of the Bachelor’s program, she concluded her path in dance education after having (co)developed and implemented a huge curriculum change. 

After having experienced the benefits and added value of an international context and practice as a great learning environment during her career, it is with great joy that she is – and has been – actively involved  in the development of various EU projects, generating opportunities for artists to further develop themselves, broaden their choreographic practice and their networks.

Kristin is cofounder of the network Moving Futures, a constellation of Dutch Dancehouses, which supports dance artists in their growth and promotes their visibility. Currently she also holds the position of chair, secretary and member in several boards of cultural organisations.