28 Jun 2021 - 2 Jul 2021

Curation as teamwork, practicing collaboration, in/exclusion and change.


The main research questions from Dancing Museums’ local resident artist will be:

  • Which habits determine how we move through a museum?
  • How does a museum’s architecture determine how visitors move through its spaces and what they see on their way?
  • How do they influence what we see and do not see?
  • What do we consider important to see in a museum?

On the first day Jasmina Ibrahimovic, general manager of Rotterdam Community Theatre and programmer of the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF), will take and share questions on curation and collecting from a personal point of view.

On the second day institutional collectors Alexandra van Dongen (curator Pre-Industrial Design for Museum Boijmans van Beuningen) and Simone Da Silva (director of DIG IT UP, a heritage platform focusing on collecting and archiving Rotterdam city culture) will share their collecting strategies, connecting their practices to their personal positioning within the professional context.

On the third day contributions will focus on alternative ways of collecting. Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky collect stories rather than things, which they then shape into performances and artistic installations. Nilton Moreira Da Silva will bring together artistic practice and social work.

The fourth day centers around moments of sharing. There will be space to share both moments of inspiration and moments of challenge, or stand-still.

Each day, after the morning contributions, local teams will process the mornings’ input, aided by a toolkit of tasks and suggestions. On Thursday afternoon, the artists and partners will meet each other for a moment of exchange.

On the final day, a public webinar titled Choreographing Attention will be organised. This session will be introduced by Betsy Gregory, giving an impression of our journey so far. After that Ingrid Berger Myhre will share some of the practices that she has developed throughout the project. She will do so in conversation with Monica Gillette.

At the end of each afternoon-session local teams can share their thoughts on whatever they have collected (words, insights, questions, photos, audio bites, video) in an online environment.


Dansateliers (NL) // Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO/NL) // Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (NL) – Associate Partner //