A Paradigm Shift

28 Jun 2021 - 4 Jul 2021


The main research questions of the Dancing Museums local resident artist will be:

  • What is a museum without a building?
  • How to experience pieces of art when there is no physical place to see them?
  • How best, as a museum, to relate to and be relevant for new public/communities?
  • What will the museum of the future be like? How to stay relevant in a city that is changing rapidly?

On the first day, the visiting dance artists will be included in the outcome of the research from the Rotterdam artist-in-residence and will participate in a variety of physical proposals developed over the course of local research. On the second day, all artists will exchange their latest findings, both with each other and with local education staff, through practice. On the third and fourth day the artists will inhabit various locations in the city, including the Depot building, where research activities with specific audience groups have taken place over the course of the residency, to elaborate on specific findings towards a public sharing. They will work with a specific audience group, which will be communicated beforehand so that artists are prepared. On the fifth day, public sharings will take place both in locations in the city and the Depot building. On the sixth day, public sharings will take place in the Depot building, followed by the seminar Bringing the Debate on Museum Education and Public Engagement to the Next Level – Looking at Art through the Moving Body.

On the final day, a seminar will be organised in collaboration with the National Museum Association and the Belgium performance arts heritage organisation Het Firmament. It will take place in the Depot building and will focus on museum and dance professionals, to share experiences, knowledge and outcomes.

The whole week will be filmed and documented, including interviews with audiences, artists and education professionals. An evaluation of the workshop and seminar and a partners’ meeting will conclude the activity.

Working with:

Dansateliers (NL) // Ingrid Berger Myhre (NL) // Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (NL) – Associate Partner //