08 Mar 2021 - 12 Mar 2021

As part of the workshop Acts of Social and Political Change: New Voices, the Dancing Museums’ UK artist and partners have put together a week of events that look to broaden our understanding of the Dancing Museums project so far, as well as to explore our responsibilities as arts leaders within the social and political landscape.

The city of Nottingham has an unrivalled history of radical thought, rebellion and an uncompromising commitment to social justice. Throughout the city’s history, its legends and cultural greats have brought about new ways of thinking and instigating social change. The UK artist, Dance4 and its partners, Nottingham Museum Service and Nottingham Contemporary, are keen to explore new knowledge and stories about the city’s past and to explore and develop stories from citizens today.

The first day of the workshop will be an introduction to the week and a video tour of Nottingham city, which will act as a guide through some of the histories of Nottingham, with a focus on The National Justice Museum, and will draw upon some of the historical injustices which still echo today.

On the second day, the UK artist has created an audio walk, which invites the listener to use their senses and imagination to explore what is visible, what is just out of sight, what was in the past, and what might be in the future. As part of the second day, there will also be a public event titled Haunting Newstead Abbey, whereby three guest artists will be invited by the UK artist to discuss their choreographic research: looking at ghosts and haunted houses as a metaphor for how histories of transatlantic slavery and colonialism haunt the present, and exploring fear as an antidote to trauma. The artist panel includes mayfield brooks, Mary Pearson and Seke Chimutengwende and panel facilitation from Season Butler.

On the third day, the partners will be introduced to the art of audio description by the company Quiplash. The workshop will be an intensive introduction to Quiplash’s style of audio as well as an introduction to the work of Quiplash themselves –  a duo who place social justice, intersectionality and disability rights at the centre of their work.

The fourth day will include a partner’s sharing session, where each EU partner will be asked to reflect on one event/performance/piece/workshop/other from their archive or history that has somehow influenced or inspired change in their organisation.

The final day of the workshop week will include a response from all of the Dancing Museums artists and a movie night, with selected content chosen by the UK artist.

Parts of the week will be recorded and some sessions documented by live illustrator, Temujen Gunawardena.



Dance4 (UK) // Eleanor Sikorski (UK) // Nottingham City Museums & Galleries (UK) – Associate Partner // Nottingham Contemporary (UK) – Associate Partner //