14 Jun 2020 - 19 Jun 2020

How to be together when we can’t be together?
Prague/Czech Republic

The Prague International Workshop  How Can We Embody the Artwork and the Art Space, and How Does It Change Our Perception? has got a new subheading How to be together when we can’t be together? In response to the current situation marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop program has been transformed to allow for attendance without the necessity of travelling physically to Prague.

In her research, the artist Tereza Ondrová deals with the topic of tourism and how to “empty” the streets of the centre of Prague and “fill” the gallery space with people/visitors. The starting point is the “Royal Way” lining all six spaces of Prague City Gallery.

The six-day meeting invites participants to join the artist and the teams of Tanec Praha and Prague City Gallery to experience the transformation of the topic of tourism and the challenges of cooperation across all work roles within this project.

The topic of “how to be together” arises from not being able to be together physically. How do we collaborate and not just be in an online space? How do we get to know each other and discover? How do we ask questions and exceed boundaries and possibilities? How do we convey the customs, smells and tastes of our nation to all who cannot be here?

The workshop program consists of online and offline activities and invites participants to take part in the Shared Day, Audio Walk, Avatar Project, workshops, moderated discussions, working sessions and a partners’ meeting. The program also includes events for the public, such as video presentations, a summary of the discussions, etc.

FULL PROGRAMME 14 – 19 June 2020

SHARED DAY PROGRAMME Sunday 14 June 2020

MENU AND SHOPPING LIST Sunday 14 June 2020

With the financial support of the Creative Europe program, Prague City Hall and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.





Tanec Praha (CZ) // Tereza Ondrová (CZ) // Prague City Gallery (CZ) – Associate Partner //