11 May 2019 - 15 May 2019

This first seminar will be hosted by the UK practice-led research group consisting of Dance4, artist Eleanor Sikorski, Nottingham Museums and Nottingham Contemporary as they welcome the practice-led research group, composed of artists, dance organisations, museums and universities from six countries, to Nottingham. The group will look at how the presence of dance can offer new ways of experiencing art and heritage and help audiences and visitors engage both intellectually and viscerally with artworks.

Over five days, this seminar sets the context and the basis for the common research and seeks to define collectively the key performance indicators (both quantitative and qualitative). Significantly, it also invites the artists who participated in the first iteration of Dancing Museums to share their workshop processes with the new artists and staff of the museums and dance organisations, to reflect on their learning process.


Dance4 (UK) // Eleanor Sikorski (UK) // Nottingham Contemporary (UK) – Associate Partner // Nottingham City Museums & Galleries (UK) – Associate Partner //