Ca’ Foscari University Venice (IT)

Ca’ Foscari University Venice (IT) has 8 Departments, more than 20.000 students and more than 700 professors and researchers. Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018, it has an excellent national and international reputation both for teaching and research. Six strategic research teams have been established to solve global challenges through interdisciplinary approaches: the one called ’Cultural ecosystems’ works on cross-disciplinary approaches to human culture and technology.

Two departments (Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, and Management) will be directly involved in the project. They will cover respectively a wide range of topics in the fields of Philosophy, History of Arts and Business. The first promotes the study of the preservation of cultural heritage by providing conditions for the society to know about and use it; the second, involved in the project until the end of 2020, promotes international research projects in dialogue with cultural and business foundations, and representatives of institutions and trade associations.

The researchers of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage will produce a series of texts exploring historical and critical aspects of the issues debated during the creation of the dance events. The researchers of the Management Department will analyse how these events stimulate new habits in audiences and affect their perception of both dance and museums.



Gaia Clotilde Chernetich // Susanne Franco // Ariadne Mikou //