Promoting the study of the preservation of cultural heritage

The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, which promotes the preservation of cultural heritage as a field of study by providing knowledge and access to students, stakeholders and professionals alike, is directly involved in the project.

The research group from the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage organised an exhibition and a series of seminars and workshops in museum spaces. The main publications produced by the research team are the volume Moving Spaces. Enacting Dance, Performance, and the Digital in the Museum edited by Susanne Franco and Gabriella Giannachi (Edizioni Ca’ Foscari 2021) and the dossier Danza e Museo that was edited by Susanne Franco as part of the academic journal Danza e Ricerca. Susanne Franco and Gaia Clotilde Chernetich have also created a short glossary on a series of crucial key concepts and issues debated by the participants during the development of the Dancing Museums 2 project that was edited by Ariadne Mikou. Additional video research and editing for the digital rooms of the virtual museum of the Dancing Museums project has been contributed by Ariadne Mikou.



Gaia Clotilde Chernetich // Ariadne Mikou //