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Are you here to only look at the artwork?
Or to allow the act of looking and seeing to combine with a feeling of yourself?
What else have you come here to find?
How differently can you inhabit a museum?
[As dance artists], we often find ourselves playing multiple roles, one of performer, one of guide, one of interpreter, drawing your attention to the body but also to another body of work.
– Lucy Suggate
I wondered what would happen if we were to visit the museum while listening to the beats of our heart and how the perception of what we are seeing would change.
- Quim Bigas
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How does your skin feel in this room?
...the shift from the museum as a repository of knowledge acquisition to the museum as a place of experience
- Gill Hart
How can we unlock the ways we see?
How can we use movement to shift how we inhabit a museum?
– Juan Dante Murillo
I am interested in embodied, or situated looking.
I'm interested in how we see, rather than only what we watch.
What conditions the way we look at something?
– Ingrid Berger Myhre
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