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What do you see behind you?
What do you sense through your skin, your muscles and your pulse?
How can you hear the space of a room or feel the temperature of a painting?
How does the presence of others help you perceive?
How can we dismantle a way of being in order to inhabit a sensory space without labels?
Moving bodily through unknown territory, things shift in our inner topography as well. We open up new routes for our minds.
- Diane Shooman
Seeing separates us from the world, whereas the other senses unite us with it.
- Diane Shooman
I think that working with dance artists who think about body and mind and have visceral responses to visual art has broadened my thinking about how best to create that broader range of experiences. [As an art education practitioner] it has challenged my thinking about visual literacy.
Now, I like to think about visual and visceral literacy.
- Gill Hart
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If you agitated or accelerated the ways of looking
what would be the impact? What would be the repercussions
What do the guards in the museum see?
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