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Who is here?
Who are we missing?
Where is the museum beyond its walls and what actions are needed for everyone to feel welcome?
How can we shift the perception of belonging?
Do I give myself permission to look around?
Do I give myself permission to touch the ground?
Do I give myself permission to say this is my city?
This museum is my museum?
Art institutes as a place where hidden stories become visible, when people come to celebrate democracy to meet the other.
Allowance, exhibition, privacy, ways of seeing, choices, identity and fun...
- Masako Matsushita
What do we want to give attention to and how?
- Jasmina Ibrahimovic
A bridge between the archive that I have inside me and the way to show it to someone else.
- Sara Lando
I am collecting a heritage.
It is a collection of experiences.
It's about archiving. It's about history,
because we wrote a part of the history
in this lockdown period.
And what is a museum if not this?
- Masako Matsushita
Inclusion should not only be a discourse,
but a practice and a radical practice.
- Ana Pi
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