Leaving: AMS to LDN

–On Leaving–

LEAVING. Do we ever not collect? Do the ears never hear? Does the deaf body not perceive vibration? Do we ever not move?

We can, however, stop curating. Can’t we? Well, maybe not if it’s your God-given call to life. But maybe so. I come back, ready to land in an environment often hard to be content in. Of course, arriving would be no easy feat…I’d miss my flight, receive a late PCR test and drown my sorrows in chicken nuggets. Maybe this experience was meant to teach me about shifting paradigms. Aren’t sincerity and irony linked at the hip? 

Some process work is smooth, but if we assume that it will always be easy to change, we are mistaken. The chance to land again feels sentimental, I haven’t been in the UK for over two months, and it has been a journey. The week of this conference, I would have traveled through three time zones, and while that won’t be loads for some, it’s a sobering thought to think of how many words I’ll never know, and how collections may be the best way to capture that of the world I can, before leaving…for good. We all have our ticket, with an individual ‘QR’ code, which once accessed, reveals a cavernous wonder deeper than the internet. Today my friends, we leave a wonderful week thinking through curation, and I have tried to make a collection of sounds that will capture a moment. I have curated the hours of sound recorded into songs. I have brought together my art world into closer proximity with Earth, particularly Rotterdam. Who knows where that’ll go. One thing this has taught me though is that these things don’t die, they multiply. Here’s to the next work (Y)