Going up to Arte Stella closer to the mountains.
In the morning, Luisella and Sara suggest some ways for us to share the outcomes from Dancing Museums.

Outcomes are different to outputs, it means being closer to the process, considering a motion that is still in progress and not necessarily seen immediately after the end of the project’s activity.

I’m looking up online where the word process comes from. From the Latin form ‘processus’.
Processus comes from an anatomical term, it relates to an expansion attached to an organ or a growth. It can be part of a bone, a cavity, a crease. It relates to the action and articulation of a muscle.
We can speak about ‘vertebrae processus’ in the back for instance.

The way I see it, process enables the articulation of the whole human body, making it move, dance, walk, be alive.


Walking, to discover Arte Stella’s art installations amid the trees, paths and open clearings.
Hidden in the green grass we stumble upon Liquid Landscape, a piece made by Daan Roosegaarde.
The grass seems to be moving as if a tide is going back and forth below the surface of the earth.
Lying on our backs, jumping, running around, laughing, trying out acrobatics, the team stay there for a long time, joyfully spending our visit here in unplanned and shared choreography.