We asked Museum of Human Emotion’s choreographers to answer a few questions from a personal point of view.
Here are Federica Dalla Pozza’s answers.

. What is your favourite word in your mother tongue? Why? What does it mean?
The first one that comes to my mind is ATLANTICO because sometimes when I pronounce it the TL combination and it makes a funny sound/sensation in my mouth! XD It means Atlantic. 

.Is there a word in your mother tongue that is untranslatable in English to describe a particular emotion that you would like to share?
Honestly, I had to look it up! And it seems that “Struggimento” is not translated in a single word: it is a sense of heartache that seems to gradually consume the body and spirit of those in love. Is it true? Or is there a word for it? 🙂
And there is a feeling that for us as Italian is well define and is when we say “Ti voglio Bene” that is not translatable in English. Is a very special kind of love: one that’s usually everlasting, encompassing, and definitely not just a romantic kind of love.

.Could you share a memory of a time where you were overwhelmed by a particular emotion while dancing or in front of a dance piece? What happened?
Few years ago I participate in a piece where the face was covered by a fabric and the rest of the costume was exposing big portions of skin in the legs and in the chest/belly. This condition was allowing me to perceive the outside stimuli in an enhanced and augmented way. The emotional mix of surprise and excitement of that performance I think is still the most overwhelming experience that I had on stage. 

.What puts you in motion these days?
I think Music in these days is the strongest engine for my movements! 

.Can you describe your most memorable place and how you spend (or spent) your time in the place? 
There’s a spot in Val Visdende, that is very dear to me, it is surrounded by nature and mountains, the Dolomites. I love it because during the day you can look at the 4 main directions and you see 4 beautiful landscapes. And during the night that same spot is the best if you want to lay down and look at the stars. Normally in the last years I was use to spend at least a week here for my vacation and this was the starting point and the arrival of all my trekkings. 

.How would you describe the dance of the city you live in?
If I think about a social dance the “Liscio” comes to my mind. I’m not an expert of it but as the name suggests, people with defined steps should slide smoothly on the dance floor! 🙂