On Friday afternoon we attended a round table at La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne with Prof. Dre Maria Aparecida Moura, Samuel Mwamé and Kdu dos Anjos from Lá da Favelinha.
“When the invisible becomes visible, the eye takes time to get used to – peripheral innovation, epistemological reparation & steady feet” is the title of this gathering and exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Prof. Dre Maria Aparecida Moura shared her research on epistemicide, colonial imperialism of knowledge. Samuel Mwamé shared the importance of a taking a step through the practice of tap dancing. Kdu dos Anjos shared the story and the model of the social and cultural independent center Lá da Favelinha he founded in Belo Horizonte, a place for dance practices with a library, English, yoga, or rap classes, a fashion department and that also organises social and cultural events.

Ana Pi introducing her guests, from left to right Kdu dos Anjos from Lá da Favelinha, Gaia Clotilde Chernetich moderator, Prof. Dre Maria Aparecida Moura and Samuel Mwamé.
Samuel Mwamé, the importance of counting the steps in tap dancing.

Kdu dos Anjos introducing us to La da favelinha many activities. Samuel Akinruli is facilitating the translation from Portuguese to English.